How to make responsive design for your website

Responsive Design By Anand Vivek Satpathi
Many users use different screen size and device so responsive design with mobile site makes your website perfect for every user. Let’s know how to make responsive design and mobile site.

What is responsive design?

Responsive design can automatic convert to any new width and height depend upon users browser screen.

Why we need mobile friendly design?

Mobile friendly design makes your blog more optimized for search engines. All mobile readers can easily read your articles.

Responsive design for different screen size users

If you want to create 2 or more perfect design that’s suite your website style then you can use CSS.

Example: @media {width: 200px; height: 200px}

How to make Responsive Design?

You need to use style sheet “@media “ that can automatically convert to given sizes and load style for their size device. For example you create 1024 minimum width size and also create normal style sheet than your visitor come with higher than 1024 will see your default style and low screen size user see your created style.

Some example of responsive designs-

For Minimum Size

“min-width: 1024px;min-height: 1024px;”

For Maximum Size

“max-width: 1024px;max-height: 1024px;”

Mobile Website 

Responsive Mobile Design By Anand Vivek Satpathi


Mobile website is best way to receive traffic from mobile users. Some website is using much JS/CSS/flash content that’s with Desktop size website that can make too much time to load in mobile.

Make Mobile Website

You can use to make any mobile site and make sure you can use max width and max height style so it make for mobile site. You can use Meta tag to identify you website content.

Example: <meta content=”” />

Features of responsive designs & mobile website:

SEO friendly

If you create mobile site than you will receive more traffic from mobile users and if you design website with responsive theme then you can receive more traffic from PC/tab with different screen size users.

User friendly

Mobile User open your website than your website automatic convert into their browser size or if you create mobile website than it will go to and you can also add responsive design for mobile website to make sure about your website is comfortable with every users and every devices. If you have any problem asks me on comment or Google+.

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